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India-Pakistan and Kashmir

Over the past week there has been an increasing amount of tension going on between India and Pakistan. There has been statements from both sides over the issue of Kashmir, in the UN Assembly and from local leaders on both sides as well. I am someone who tries to stay away from the politics of the time because of obvious hypocrisy and lies. But whenever the topic of Kashmir is raised, my ears are raised. The reason is natural instinct. No it isnt Pakistani patriotism, but my Kashmiri blood that compels me. I am an Islamabadi born and raised Pakistani but my roots reside in the soil of Srinagar.

Whenever this issue is raised it is always the same talk, India insisting on not letting go of Kashmir to Pakistan, Pakistan insisting that it is the ‘sheh-rag’ (jugular vein) and Kashmiri leaders citing their sides based on vested interests. I have been coming and going to Kashmir ever since i was a child, and since i am an adult now i can clearly see the shift in thinking of the people of Kashmir. There was a time when they wanted to side with Pakistan, but the growing unrest in our country and the dying economy has made them rethink this slogan. Not only that but the atrocitied committed by Pakistan over Kashmiris is another factor.

They’ll never want to side with India no matter what happens but they dont want to be with Pakistan as well. There is a growing demand of an independent state of Kashmir that doesnt only include Srinagar J & K and AJK state but the original land of Kashmir that included Gilgit Baltistan area as well. Whether its just a dream of a maniac that’ll never see the light of day is something else but nonetheless people of Pakistan need to know that Kashmiris dont want to be with them anymore.

On top of that due to the recent skirmishes and growing tensions many keyboard warriors have taken it a task to insult India and to imply that Kashmir is their rightful land. Nothing disgusts me more than this ! Every year 5th February is celebrated as Solidarity with Kashmir day but what happens on that day? Just a UN resolution is submitted and some walks are arranged. What good will come out of these walks and resolutions if you are not ready to back them up with a strong political stance ? Right now was a golden moment for Pakistan to slap India regarding the flood situation in Kashmir but no one is even aware of it! The Indian media is propagating their army as heroes of Kashmir for rescuing the civilians there, when the ground reality is opposite ! The Indian army only rescued their army men, tourists and hindus. They had lists of every area and every family but they singled out only those people who they cared about. The government and CM of Kashmir is even worse! He halted any relief effort being done by the people themselves as well. At a time like this when mothers have lost their children, thousands of people with businesses have been brought to the streets with nothings, houses, shops, schools everything is destroyed the best friend and companion of Kashmir isnt even aware of it and claims to own a right over it, does it make sense ?

If Pakistan truly wanted it’d have had Kashmir years ago. If that had been done things might’ve been different there. Generations have been lost in this conflict and now when a little normalcy was returning this calamity happened but who cares? No one. Our beloved media is crying for the death of 10 soldiers but no one even mentions one of the 100 deaths that happened in Kashmir. What solidarity I ask you? What compassion I ask you ??

I always say this thing when people here ask me about the condition of Kashmir or why it hasnt been resolved – Kashmir ko India ne bhi khaya hai, Pakistan ne bhi aur khud Kashmirion ne bhe, issiliye Kashmir kabhi azaad nai hoga ! (Kashmir has suffered at the hands of both India and Pakistan and Kashmiris themselves as well, that is why it’ll remains disputed forever)