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Movie reviews

I’m a movie freak. Every year in my post-semester holidays i just take out lists of movies and waste my eyes upon them. So i thought about writing reviews about them. here are a few i watched recently, now some movies may be a year old but still i don’t get much time during my semester to watch them.

Letters to Juliet

To describe this movie in one word would be – drag. I saw its trailer and it seemed like a good watch but it was a complete drag. Though the trailer completely spills the marble on the story and its very predictable story as well but even then one just sits and waits to watch something good happen or some sort of substance to unfold and in that waiting the movie ends. so its not a good watch, not even for die-hard romantics cuz there is not an ounce of romanticism in it so in short- a complete waste of time !

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Overall i would say fantastic Mr. Fox was a good watch. Though in the beginning you have to wait for a story to unfold but with a little time your patience is rewarded in a considerable way. Though i haven’t read the novel but in the film the character of Mrs. Fox lacked substance but in the end she also redeems her character a little. The animation was really good; especially the heists were shot extremely well. And George Clooney was super in his voice-acting of fantastic Mr. Fox. Overall it was a nice film to watch.

500 days of summer

This movie is officially one of the most awesome films i have ever watched. It was an indie film so maybe a lot of people missed watching i but it is a super awesome film from every point of view. The characters were amazing. It might not be an overstatement to say that it was somewhat a perfect film though some people might get confused cuz of its nonlinear narrative structure, but it is a definite recommendation, everyone should definitely watch it!