The thing about friends is that when we make them its all sunshine and rainbows, we share everything with them, get really close and it seems as if nothing would separate them.

But then differences arise, problems occur and fights happen. And that’s the real test of friendship whether its just for the time being or long-lasting.

If we overcome these hurdle together then the friendship will remain forever.

If one compromises for the sake of another then it is for a certain time.

If none do then it was superficial to begin with.

Either way its best to know before-hand who your true friends are and having good, sincere friends is truly a blessing 🙂

The purest and most sincere friendship is that of childhood as it is filled with innocence. If this friendship continues on in the late life then nothings can be better than this.

Most girls are incapable of sincere friendship. This may seem a bit discriminatory but its an actual fact as girls naturally have feelings of jealousy as they are highly emotional. Also most girsl believe in superficial things and are incapable of seeing deeper meaning of things. This is not true for all girls but majority are this way. Also because girls get emotional too often their friendship suffers because of this

In the end a person comes into this world alone and leaves alone but its nice to know that your absence means something to someone..




    • xishan
    • June 14th, 2011

    soo true especially da childhood part ❤

    • andy
    • September 4th, 2011

    don know why u targeted the girls in specific….jealousy is in a person not any girl…. interesting words ….

    • true but i gave my reason and in-case u read it i have written that this is not true for all 🙂

    • andy
    • September 5th, 2011

    yeaaaa every person is different and jealousy can come and go u cant really target any girl in particuar 🙂

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