In the past months, a lot has been going downhill in our country. There is despair and disappointment everywhere and with each passing day the condition seems to be getting worse. But despite all of that we still haven’t been able to recognize our problems, still we are playing the blame game, still we are closing our eyes in vain hope that when we open them the problems would all be gone and it is just a bad dream. The reality is far from this. But whosoever points out these facts is termed as a ‘non-pakistani’ or unpatriotic. Just like with the Jews’ reaction to the Holocaust, if questions are raised on the partition there are outcries and severe criticism that follows.

Whatever happened in the partition of 1947, the violence that ensued on both sides, cannot be justified in any manner whatsoever. It was wrong on all accounts, whether the Muslims were targeted or the Hindus and Sikhs as a reaction. But we as Pakistanis are made to believe that it was 100% Hindus’ fault, not even the Sikhs who were actually involved in the killings and massacres. We as Pakistanis and most importantly as Muslims are taught to believe that we are a superior nation because we carved out a nation by our own blood and toil on the ideology of ‘la illaha illa allah’. So this makes us superior as compared to any other nation especially to India and the Hindus. And anyone not believing in this notion is termed as being unpatriotic. This is what is called ethnocentrism, a belief that our country or nation is more superior to others. It is good to be patriotic but blind patriotism follows with a lack of seeing the problems and hence solving them because we are not a perfect nation but we can strive to reach greatness.

I get on this debate a lot with my friends especially around 14th August or 23rd March because i am not a ‘proud pakistani’ and i don’t blindly follow the beliefs mentioned above. And i myself say it out loud, that yes i am not a proud Pakistani!

I am not proud of the lynching incident that happened in Sialkot and the numerous unnamed incidents that happen every single day in our society but go unheard of. Yes I am not proud of a parasitic government that is sucking every penny and the blood of the common person while sitting on the corpse of a former leader. Yes I am not proud of a history of corrupt politicians and army regimes that just messed up our entire country and brought no greater good to us. Yes I am not proud of the clerics and religious bigots who use religion for their own vested interests. Yes I am not proud of the dogmatic thinking of our people whether they are illiterate or educated. Yes I am not proud of a state of failures and mistakes and nor am i proud of the people because we can blame as much as we want on the government but as people we also don’t work honestly whenever we can.

So yes I am not proud of this supposedly great nation, because it is not a great nation yet but has immense capability to become one. Its youth are highly educated and informed and aware. The media is free which gives the common people information in its original form, whether it is good or bad as it happens. But as long as we sit comfortably in our houses and put on our tinted glasses and harp that we are perfect in every sense and nothing is wrong despite the fact that the world around us is drowning, literally we cannot channelize our potential to actually become one of the greatest nations of the world, as our Quaid said so.

    • Isfand
    • September 17th, 2010

    The best blog article ive ever read,thanks thnks,we need less blind patriotism and more realism

    I totally agree with you, we feel superior to other ppl tht we can see where this arrogance have brought us.

    “get on this debate a lot with my friends especially around 14th August or 23rd March because i am not a ‘proud pakistani’ and i don’t blindly follow the beliefs mentioned above”

    Music for my ears,of wht we should proud tht even after 63 years we havnt been able to become a develop country or even a civilized country?Tht we only 56% literacy rate at the national level and only a 37% literacy rate of the female?Or we have to be pride tht 51% of fellow citizens lives in poverty?Or we are 139th in the human develop index ?Or we the 42nd most nation on the planet according to Tranperacy International?

    We are failing and we can change these things but in order to be successfull we need to change our mindset,………..secularsim,realism,humbleness,education as a proirity,being critical toward our own failures………..and yes being less patriotic, i think we so much patriotic tht make are unable to see or dont want to see tht actually maybe we dont have all tht to be proud of our nation

    • thanks so much for the appreciation 🙂

        • Isfand
        • September 18th, 2010

        You simply deserve it : D

        Great work, keep it up!

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